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Aquarius is situated in  the Santa Croce district, far away from the mass tourism. The palace overlooks San Giacomo dell’Orio square, an authentic island in the town, living in every moment of the day, where it is still possible to enjoy the true Venetian life among people still speaking Venetian dialect and where survive shops, nice typical restaurants and bars. The San Giacomo dell’Orio church, one of the oldest churches in Venice, frames this small popular and traditional corner.

An Authentic Venetian Palace

AQUARIUS is located inside the historical palace *Pemma- Zambelli . Crossed the large internal courtyard, at the center of which you can note a real well, you’ll reach the nice garden and the private water door giving access to the hotel from a typical Venetian canal.

Interior Design

The interiors have an essential, but warm design, predominately of hazelnut, Havana and cream shades. The inner space is characterized by exposed bricks and stones, wood details, glass and gilded metal. The very comfortable 27 rooms and the 5 Apartments have a contemporary furnishing, embellished by glassware, Murano chandeliers , artistic pictures and decorative elements, exclusively created by local artists and craftsmen.

A Venice Bespoke Hotel
Alternative  Sustainability

To emphasize the Aquarius policy, that pays attention to the ecosystem and to the enhancement of the territory, at the entrance of the hotel two large aquariums, filled with sea water, reproducing the habitat of the Lagoon have been installed in collaboration with specialists from the Natural History Museum of Venice.


Why Aquarius Hotel?

Authentic Setting
Aquarius Hotel is set at Palazzo Pemma-Zambelli which preserves the double courtyard, the secret garden and the water door giving access to the hotel from the canal.
Contemporary Design
The 28 rooms and 5 apartments have a contemporary furnishing - glassware, chandeliers, artistic pictures, decorative elements, and artifacts.
Unique Location
Located between the Santa Lucia railway station and the Rialto bridge, the AQUARIUS hotel is located in Campo San Giacomo de l'Orio, one of the liveliest places in Venice.

Entering from the main door, the attention is captured by the two huge aquariums containing fishes and shellfish of the Lagoon. The aquariums converse with a precious Murano glass lighting installation representing a spectacular jellyfish dance stretching along the entire hall ceiling. As already observed by others, the Venice map resembles a fish lying on the water. Inspired by this image, Aquarius likes to highlight the peculiar characteristic of this unique town, built on the water and from the water surrounded, where the canals reflect the facades of the buildings and magnificent palaces.

"I saloni"

In wintertime the bar service is provided in the Zambelli lounge. You will find convivial spaces furnished with modern couches, chairs, comfortable seats, contemporary artworks and art books.

In the morning our buffet breakfast is served in the Pemma hall. Both frescoed salons decorated with spectacular glass chandeliers are situated on the noble floor and look over Campo San Giacomo dall’Orio, offering you a unique and fascinating view of the city.

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Bespoke Rooms
Rooms & Suite

The rooms and the Suite differ in size, style and finish. Aquarius offers a high level of comfort. Each room is enhanced by artworks and Venetian craftsmanship, which make it unique and create a bond with the city.

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The place has preserved the story and soul of the city and it is a small living area of Venice, rich in traditions. San Giacomo dell’Orio is a beautiful area with a great architectural layout that combines the old and the new.

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